Steps To Perfect Wedding Photographer

Essential Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photos and videos are something that will treasure for a lifetime. This is why it is important to find the best team to capture your special moments. Once your special day arrives, the one who spends as much time with you as your photographer is your videographer. There are a lot of things to take into account when you opt for a wedding video maker. The professional videographer should understand the genre inside and out.

Most people begin the video production company by making wedding videos and then they assume that a wedding is the easiest way to get started. In case you mistakenly hire them, they try to make more money. This is why you should be super careful while hiring the right video company. There are plenty of videographers who are making wedding videos for a genuine reason.

Here are a few things you have to look for when choosing the best wedding video company to capture special moments. 

Look For A Best Film Company

Experience is an important thing in choosing a videographer. There are tons of video making companies out there who offer wedding videographers. But, most of them have experience in the videography field. Few of them might be best photographers but it doesn’t mean that they know how to make a moving image. So, Make sure that the wedding video making company tunes with your needs and also knows exactly what you are looking for.

Check Their Professional Background

The filmmaker should know exactly what he is doing. So, you have to determine that your chosen video maker has the years of experience and the talent needed to make you something picturesque. Mostly, celebrities and major companies trust the videographers who have a professional background because they make them look good and beautiful. The professional videographer should be there with you throughout the entire wedding so that they can present a beautiful story of your wedding day.

Determine Their Portfolio Of Wedding Video Melbourne Company

Checking the portfolio of wedding videography Meblourne will expose their shooting style. By doing this, you can see how they take the shot at the wedding. Most of the best video making companies post their best videos on their website. So, it is a very important thing you should look at their entire portfolio while before signing on the dotted line. Few companies only upload their highlight videos so, you can request them for the full video if possible. You can even ask their completed version of wedding videos that will help you to check if their shooting style is the one you are looking for. By analyzing their previous project, you will be able to make your decision about whether their videos will work for you or not.

Wedding Photographer should be equipped to deal with every eventuality that  may happen on a wedding day!

With the weather that Scotland has it can be four seasons in one day! Therefore, your wedding photographer  should have the necessary experience and equipment to be able to deal with challenging conditions that can change at a moments notice. We have often had scenarios where the weather has changed from beautiful blue sky day to torrential rain in seconds and all the plans for the shoot are out the window so you have the skills to improvise. Ensure that the photographer that you choose has the tools to deal with any eventuality.

Wedding Photographer should be familiar with the location of your wedding event.

This is crucial. For you to get the best images possible from your wedding day the photographer needs to know exactly where the best photo locations are. Any professional wedding photographer will do research on the venue and if it is not possible to visit the venue beforehand then they will ensure they arrive early to have a look around. If there is the opportunity to do a pre wedding or engagement shoot at your wedding venue it is a great chance to have a look around and see what are the best locations for the images you want.

Communication Skills

Another important thing you have to consider in choosing a videographer is effective communication that will make your day run smoothly. The videographer you choose should be able to interact with people and communicate effectively. Videographers also have to work with both guests and professionals. If there is any dispute between the celebrant and photographer, the video quality could be affected. Your wedding video will last forever so it is crucial to have the best one.

Discuss Your Goals

The general goal for most people is to capture a special moment of their wedding. Some people have other goals like wanting the same day edit, summary video, full video, or a drone covering the whole event and more. When you choose the best wedding videographer, you have to discuss your goal with them. Then, your videographer can assess whether they can meet all your needs or not.  And also, you should choose the best video maker within your budget.

Secrets from a wedding photographer: Tips on how to get the best photos

After months of planning and preparation, your wedding day will fly by in the blink of an eye. But with the right photographer you can relive the day over and over with photos that capture all the best moments of your big day. From choosing a photographer that suits your personal style to facing an unexpected downpour, there are many things to consider when picking a wedding snapper.

Embrace the weather

No matter how meticulously you plan you’re never going to be able to control the weather. But if there’s cloudy skies or rain, the best thing you can do is embrace it because a downpour can actually make for some amazing and dramatic photos.

Having a second shooter

Having a second shooter to assist your main photographer can really add to the photographs and coverage you get from your wedding. Your photographer will choose who accompanies them on the day, usually someone with a similar approach and style, and it means that you can have your day covered more comprehensively.

Backdrops and lighting

Be aware of photographic opportunities at your venue or in the nearby area for portraits. You and your photographer can collaborate to get the shots you envisage from your day and don’t be shy about suggesting a beautiful or interesting spot for images that your photographer may not know about. Asking your photographer to replicate exact shots isn’t necessarily conducive to their own creativity, but it’s definitely worth letting them know of somewhere that could make for a stunning photograph.

Make the most of your getting ready place

Pre-wedding preparations are one of the busiest and most exciting parts of the day, there’s always so much going on and often a lot of people getting ready in the same room. To make the most of your photography at this time, find somewhere that is spacious enough to accommodate everyone who will be there, and has lots of natural light for your photographer to work with.

Trust your photographer

Once you’ve employed someone who is right for you both, just trust them to do what they do best. Don’t try and get them to emulate another photographer’s style or editing, and embrace that you’ve employed someone whose work you love to document your day. Try to be confident and relaxed – you will look like the happiest and best version of yourself on your day so settle into the celebrations and let them capture it all.

Factors to Consider When Setting Your Wedding Date

The process of setting your wedding date is a bit more involved than simply pointing to a day on the calendar. This important decision requires quite a bit of research and discussions with family and friends.

Here are six factors to consider when setting your wedding date.


Make sure you are leaving yourselves ample time to plan the event you’ve envisioned. Consider the size of your guest list, the number of vendors you need to hire, and the overall feel you want to achieve (an elaborate, formal affair will likely take more time to plan than a more casual, laid-back event). Take your personal commitments into account as well—do you have a lot of free time to spend planning your wedding or is your schedule relatively packed? The average wedding takes about a year to plan, but it can be (and has been) done in a shorter amount of time.

Venue availability

Contact your top wedding venue choices to see what dates are available. This will help narrow down dates and you can work from there. If you don’t have a dream venue in mind, you can always set your date first and then start hunting for a location.

The season and weather

What time of year do you want to get married? Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of a spring garden wedding, or maybe you want to have a cozy indoor wedding while the snow falls outside. If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding, it’s particularly important to consider the weather conditions in your area. If summer is notoriously humid and buggy in your region, for example, an autumn wedding might be a more appealing choice.


While national holidays certainly aren’t off limits (plenty of destination weddings are held over holiday weekends, for example), it’s important to be aware that many guests might be unable to attend due to family obligations or conflicting travel schedules. It’s also important to consider that vendors may be extra busy with holiday events during these peak times. Pro tip: check out these Canadian wedding dates you should avoid.

Major events

When looking at the calendar, keep your eyes out for big national events like the Stanley Cup Playoffs or Canada Day—you don’t want your big day to have to compete with that! Keep local events like conventions, festivals, and parades in mind, too, as these can be inconvenient (heavy traffic, higher prices, crowded streets, booked hotels) to you and your guests.

Friends and family

Before setting your wedding date, be sure to run some potential dates by your nearest and dearest to make sure there aren’t any big conflicts. We’re talking truly important events that would force a best friend or close family member to have to miss your wedding. Maybe your brother has a big annual work conference he can’t skip, or your maid-of-honor is expecting a baby that month.