Tips For A Successful International Local Moving

Moving Guide


Newspaper delivery

Milk delivery








Get organised

Obtain a supply of boxes from places like the supermarket

Obtain packaging tape and heavy marker pens

Arrange for a furniture removal van

Arrange transit insurance

Arrange for care of your children on moving

Make suitable arrangements for any pets

Arrange contents and fire insurance for your new home.  Talk to your Harcourts consultant regarding this.

Organise shifting times with the purchaser of your old property and the previous owner of your new one.  Your Harcourts consultant will help co-ordinate this.

Notify your change of address to


Credit card companies, i.e. visa, diners, fuel cards

Post office for redirection of mail

Registrar of electors (at Post Office)

Registrar of motor vehicles & drivers license

Tax department

Insurance companies (house, contents, car, health etc)

Hire purchase or finance company

Investment companies

Local council

Shops where you may have charge cards

Clubs and organisations

Police (if you own and store firearms)



Publications you subscribe to





Who else sends me mail?

Remember to

Clean the stove

Defrost the fridge/freezer

Tidy the yard

Ensure that the chattels that have been sold with the property aren’t accidentally packed

Disconnect all appliances

Disconnect the TV aerial

Return any borrowed items

Throw out items that you don’t intend taking with you (organise garage sales)

List valuable items for special care when moving

Advise removal company of dangerous goods being moved i.e. ammunition, petrol, spirits, chemicals

Securely pack all jewellery, money, special documents and papers (i.e. legal, tax, insurance etc)

Set aside items you will need on the day of the move so you can take them with you, e.g. food, drinks, cleaning products

Pack each room leaving the boxes stacked and labelled with the room they are to be moved to i.e. kitchen.  It is a good idea to write on each box a list of its general content

Boxes containing breakables label ‘FRAGILE’ and identify these items to your removal people

Pot and pack away plants and cuttings you are taking with you

Explain your packing procedure to the removal people and be at your new home when they arrive


Put breakables or liquid filled containers in drawers

Overload drawers and make furniture too heavy to shift (too much weight can damage furniture)

Move netting, barbed wire, timber, wood, coal etc, without special arrangements being made

Store perishable goods where they might be overlooked

Moving guide

truly is a completely appropriate nickname for this beautiful territory. With a captivating landscape, great economic opportunities, and welcoming people, it’s easy to see why moving could be on one’s mind. If you are considering moving to one of the fastest-growing states in the United States, then you came to the right place

Has the decision about relocating been finalized? Great! We certainly believe you have made the right decision. However, you need to be ready for the dozens of tasks that need to be done before the big day arrives. One of the most important pieces of advice we can give you is to never procrastinate when it comes to your residential relocation

Find a perfect match

It goes without saying that you can attempt to move in the DIY style. After all, you wouldn’t be the first person to do so. But every relocation, be it local, long-distance or interstate one, stands the best chance of success with some professional help. The good news is that these days, there are hundreds of moving companies competing in the same area. So if you are looking for a moving company in Idaho, all you have to do is dig deep.

Make a moving checklist

From shopping for packing supplies to packing your boxes and everything in between, you can rest assured that your relocation is going to be a process accompanied by different tasks. As the moving day gets closer, it will be much easier to forget about a crucial obligation, such as switching your utilities. To avoid getting sidetracked and losing sight of what’s important, you should sit down with a pen and paper and create a moving checklist.

Always declutter before moving

The circumstances of your relocation don’t matter. Nothing can change the fact that decluttering should always be a mandatory part of any relocation process. Not only will you be able to move with a lighter load, but you will also be able to significantly cut your moving costs. Many moving companies charge based on the weight of the cargo you are transporting, so it only makes sense that fewer items will equal a lower relocation price. So set apart a couple of days for this process and make sure you bring only the essentials with you. That will be a perfect way to start your new life, don’t you think?

Guide to finding affordable movers

Every moving company can claim to be affordable. But not everyone will be able to provide the same quality of service as us. When you book Good Movers, what you invest in your move is justified by what you get in return.

you need to start your search on time. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to have time to conduct proper research. Start early and you will easily spot the best moving services

Rely on former customers to help you find affordable movers

Ask around. Gather recommendations from your closest people. Your friends, neighbors, colleagues and family members might know some affordable local movers But always ask about their overall impression, not only the moving costs. Remember that low-quality service can come as expensive as an unfortunate moving scam. If they don’t know any affordable movers

Book the most affordable movers

Make a list of around five moving companies you reckon you can trust. Then visit their websites, along with their social media accounts. If they do not have a website, it is the first red flag! Same, websites that have very little information are shady by all standards. The basic information a site should share is their contact information, including an email address, a phone number, including a physical address! Furthermore, you should read thoroughly about the moving services they provide and even ask them personally. Now that you know if your top choices have an informative website, offer the services you need, and you can customize your relocation to fit your budget, you are one step closer to finding the perfect affordable movers

Check if your movers are legal

As tempting as they are, low prices and good service are not the only factors you ought to take into consideration. Before making the final pick, you should check whether your short-listed affordable movers No matter how cheap a moving company is, they are never a good choice if they are not licensed and insured.


Let’s face it, moving is stressful, but isn’t that one of the reasons why you hired movers? Most people realize just how difficult moving is, notably the physical aspect, once the movers have arrived and begun to load or unload. It’s no wonder that one of the most common questions we receive is, “How much should I tip the movers?”


First, we want to make it clear that tipping is not required; but as with most services tipping is a way for the customer to express their thanks for a job well done. While there is no “average tip”, it is widely accepted that tipping amounts for movers range from 5% of the total bill to $20 per man. Proper etiquette is to tip each mover individually, not to the foreman or supervisor. This shows that you recognize and appreciate their individual efforts. If you feel that one or two movers worked especially hard, or are more deserving than the others, then feel free to tip that mover a little extra. If the crew has gone above and beyond your expectations, you may certainly match their efforts with a larger tip amount

Common “above and beyond” situations include:

Completing the move in a shorter amount of time than originally estimated.

Fitting all of your items into the moving truck or POD even though it once looked impossible.

Moving large quantities of heavy, bulky or awkward furniture. Especially when the movement includes stairs, long walks or other obstacles.

Excessive stairs, notably 3rd floor apartments and above.


Short on cash? There are plenty of other ways to show your appreciation aside from cash.

Since moving is a tough, labor-intensive service, cold drinks such as bottled water or Gatorade are a great way to show your appreciation while also showing your concern for their well-being.

Provide the crew with lunch in lieu of a tip.

If you are planning to throw away old furniture ask the crew if they would like it instead. This saves you time and money and doesn’t impact the environment.


the Living Wage Foundation, which aims to help local authorities become accredited Living Wage employers

The guide explains:

why moving to the Living Wage can help local authorities tackle low pay and child poverty in the community

how the accreditation process works

what the benefits of accreditation are

how local authorities can champion the Living Wage locally.

With stagnating wages and high inflation forecast, the introduction of universal credit and the four-year freeze on working-age benefits, families across London need all the help they can get. Becoming an accredited Living Wage employer can improve the lives of those who live and work

The guide also aims to help local authorities that are already accredited go even further as Living Wage employers. It includes top tips, local authority case studies and best practice advice for encouraging take-up of the Living Wage among local employers.